Build Scripts

Generating your stylesheet using build scripts.

Build Scripts

Sass preprocessor is the only thing you need to get up and running. Uniform CSS comes with a predefined build commands in the package.json. The following build commands are available. By default, the following build scripts will automatically input main.scss and output files into the dist directory. You can modify package.json to change the output location.

Please note, if you are using the built-in build scripts or using the Sass CLI to compile, ensure the --load-path is correctly set up. For more information on load paths visit Dart Sass Command Line Interface.


The following command will compile main.scss.

yarn uniform


The following command will compile main.scss with --style compressed enabled.

yarn uniform:compressed


The following command will compile main.scss, and watch for changes.

yarn uniform:watch


The following command will compile main.scss, and watch for changes with --style compressed enabled.

yarn uniform:watch-compressed


The following command will purge the output CSS based on the settings in purgecss.config.js. Make changes to purgecss.config.js to include all your markup template files and to ensure the correct amount of CSS is purged.

yarn uniform:purge

Build Performance

Uniform CSS requires dart-sass version 1.33.0 and up. Using the Javascript version of Sass is slower than the stand-alone dart executable, therefore using the native dart version is recommended for fastest build time.