Sizing System

Flexible sizing system for pixel perfect adjustments.

Sizing System

Uniform provides a broad range of sizes to help you achieve pixel perfect sizing. All sizes are implemented in rem however represented as the numerical px equivalent for easier reference. Most common pixel sizes are support by default.


Uniform supports the following sizes out of the box. These sizes are applied in varying degree of ranges across size related property such as width and margin. For a visual reference, refer to the cheatsheet.

Level Size Pixel Rem
1 size-1 1px 0.0625rem
2 size-2 2px 0.125rem
3 size-4 4px 0.25rem
4 size-6 6px 0.375rem
5 size-8 8px 0.5rem
6 size-10 10px 0.625rem
7 size-12 12px 0.75rem
8 size-14 14px 0.875rem
9 size-16 16px 1rem (base)
10 size-18 18px 1.125rem
11 size-20 20px 1.25rem
12 size-24 24px 1.5rem
13 size-28 28px 1.75rem
14 size-32 32px 2rem
15 size-36 36px 2.25rem
16 size-40 40px 2.5rem
17 size-48 48px 3rem
18 size-56 56px 3.5rem
19 size-64 64px 4rem
20 size-72 72px 4.5rem
21 size-80 80px 5rem
22 size-96 96px 6rem
23 size-112 112px 7rem
24 size-128 128px 8rem
25 size-144 144px 9rem
26 size-160 160px 10rem
27 size-192 192px 12rem
28 size-224 224px 14rem
29 size-256 256px 16rem
30 size-288 288px 18rem
31 size-320 320px 20rem
32 size-384 384px 24rem
33 size-448 448px 28rem
34 size-512 512px 32rem
35 size-576 576px 36rem
36 size-640 640px 40rem
37 size-768 768px 48rem
38 size-896 896px 56rem
39 size-1024 1024px 64rem
40 size-1152 1152px 72rem
41 size-1280 1280px 80rem
42 size-1536 1536px 96rem

Basic Usage

To apply colors, use the property shorthand followed by the color key.

<div class="w-32 h-32">
32px width
32px height

<div class="mb-36">
36px margin-bottom

<div class="mb-20 md.mb-24">
20px margin-bottom on mobile
24px margin-bottom on medium screen