CDN Configuration

Quickest way to configure and get started.

Drop-in Configuration

Although you may not get the full customization freedom that the Sass version provides, the CDN version is the easiest way to customize and get started with Uniform.

Accessing CDN Build

Simply load the stylesheet via CDN or locally and override variables using CSS variables (custom properties).

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">
:root {
--font-sans: 'Inter';
--font-md: 0.937rem;
--semibold: 500;
--bold: 800;

How it works

Behind the scenes, Uniform CSS generates CSS variables that are then applied to properties like background-color, width, and etc. Since these CSS variables are overridable, you can customize the default Uniform settings by defining your CSS variable overrides inside the :root pseudo selector.

/* myStyles.css */
:root {
--font-sans: 'Inter';
--extrabold: 800;
--primary-hue: 46;

To see a list of all variables that you can override, inspect this page to see the variables in your developer tools.