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Dark Mode

Learn how to apply dark mode colors

About Dark Mode

All color and opacity related properties such as background-color, border-color, and color-opacity can be applied conditionally based on dark mode.

Enabling Dark Mode Support

Dark mode is disabled by default, to enable, pass true to the dark-mode-support setting in your configuration.

// main.scss
@use "uniform" as * with (
$config: (
dark-mode-support: true

Basic Usage

To apply conditional dark mode colors, prepend the dark pseudo to the beginning of each class. When you assign the class dark to your body or parent container, the dark styling will be applied.

<body class="dark">
<div class="bg-white ...">

Combining with Pseudos

You can combine the dark mode with other pseudos such as hover by prepending the dark class to the beginning of any pseudo conditional class.

<button class=" ...">