Learn how to customize the sizing scale.


Sizes are applied in varying degree of ranges across size related property such as width and margin. The sizing scale can be extended, replaced, and overwritten through your configuration. For more information on sizes, visit Sizing System

Default Colors

The following default colors are applied. To see a more visual reference of all the colors, visit Cheatsheet.

@use "uniform" as * with (
$config: (
positive-sizes: (
1: 0.062rem,
2: 0.125rem,
4: 0.25rem,
6: 0.375rem,
8: 0.5rem,
10: 0.625rem,
12: 0.75rem,
14: 0.875rem,
16: 1rem,
18: 1.125rem,
20: 1.25rem,
24: 1.5rem,
28: 1.75rem,
32: 2rem,
36: 2.25rem,
40: 2.5rem,
48: 3rem,
56: 3.5rem,
64: 4rem,
72: 4.5rem,
80: 5rem,
96: 6rem,
112: 7rem,
128: 8rem,
144: 9rem,
160: 10rem,
192: 12rem,
224: 14rem,
256: 16rem,
288: 18rem,
320: 20rem,
384: 24rem,
448: 28rem,
512: 32rem,
576: 36rem,
640: 40rem,
768: 48rem,
896: 56rem,
1024: 64rem,
1152: 72rem,
1280: 80rem,
1536: 96rem

negative-sizes: (
n1: -0.062rem,
n2: -0.125rem,
n4: -0.25rem,
n6: -0.375rem,
n8: -0.5rem,
n10: -0.625rem,
n12: -0.75rem,
n14: -0.875rem,
n16: -1rem,
n18: -1.125rem,
n20: -1.25rem,
n24: -1.5rem,
n28: -1.75rem,
n32: -2rem,
n36: -2.25rem,
n40: -2.5rem,
n48: -3rem,
n56: -3.5rem,
n64: -4rem,
n72: -4.5rem,
n80: -5rem,
n96: -6rem,
n112: -7rem,
n128: -8rem,
n144: -9rem,
n160: -10rem,
n192: -12rem,
n224: -14rem,
n256: -16rem,
n288: -18rem,
n320: -20rem,
n384: -24rem,
n448: -28rem,
n512: -32rem,
n576: -36rem,
n640: -40rem,
n768: -48rem,
n896: -56rem,
n1024: -64rem,
n1152: -72rem,
n1280: -80rem,
n1536: -96rem

Customizing via Sass

Size settings are available as two groups, positive-sizes and negative-sizes. You can add your own sizes by passing in key value pairs to each of these maps in your configuration.

// main.scss
@use "uniform" as * with (
$config: (
positive-sizes: (
400: 400px
negative-sizes: (
n400: -400px
/* main.css */
.mt-400 {
margin-top: 400px;
.mt-n400 {
margin-top: -400px;

Why are there two groups?

During the Sass compilation process, the sizing maps are shared and used to generate size related properties. However, negative sizes are only used for properties such as translate and margin and do not apply to properties such as width and padding.

Disabling Defaults

If you wish to remove defaults, pass null to any theme property. Additionally, you can add your own by assigning theme settings to the extend map.

@use "uniform" as * with (
$config: (
positive-sizes: null,
negative-sizes: null,

extend: (
positive-sizes: (
200: 200px
negative-sizes: (
n200: -200px